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Viktor Fischer






Group Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, ad interim General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer



Viktor’s aspiration was always to become a successful lawyer. However, his career path was radically altered when one of his clients peaked his interest in the area of Asset Management.


A Serendipitous Encounter


With his more than 22 years of experience in the Asset Management industry, you wouldn't have expected his career to start of as a lawyer. Graduating in law from the University of Constance and Copenhagen in 1996, he began his career as a junior lawyer at the Provincial Court in Constance, completing the secondary law examination in 1998. It was during his time at an international management consulting firm in Germany in 1998, that his passion for the financial services sector was ignited. While working alongside leading international banking and insurance clients, an encounter with UBS would radically reshape his future, establishing him as an influential member of the financial services sector.

Loyalty and dedication: keys to success


Appointed head of investment funds in Luxembourg for UBS Global Asset Management in 2000, Viktor was promoted to head of institutional and wholesale business in 2002. He was appointed head of UBS Global Asset Management Luxembourg and key account manager for the Benelux region in 2005, and two years later took on new responsibilities as head of P&S Consulting at UBS Luxembourg S.A. Viktor then became head of business development EMEA for UBS Fund Services in July 2010, and head of asset services sales that October, responsible for the UBS EMEA asset servicing sales acquisition process, where he presided over ongoing profitable growth. In June 2014, he joined the ACOLIN Group, headquartered in Zurich, as General Counsel, Chief Risk Officer and Member of the Group Executive Board. He later transitioned into the role of Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer whilst remaining a member of the Group Executive Board. 

Integrity, Passion and Hard Work

A loving husband and father, Viktor says the birth of his son and his daughter were the most defining days of his life. Teamwork, along with personal and professional integrity, have always been central to his success and he is convinced that durable successful business relations can only be built on trust, moral virtues and loyalty. “Sharing my clients’ passion and success is the fuel that pushes me to my limits day after day,” he says. Discipline, self-motivation and teamwork are cornerstones of Viktor’s work ethic. As a passionate motocross racer, he knows that it takes self-belief, determination and strategic planning to win on the track, but also in the boardroom.


  • Birthday : 30.10.

  • Birthplace : Germany 

  • Nationality : German

  • Language spoken: German, French, English

  • Hobbies: Moto-Cross, Golf and Bike-cycling

  • Favourite Towns : New York

  • Favourite Places : Golf Track

  • Favourite Book :  Elon Musk - from Ashlee Vance

  • Favourite Restaurants : BurgerKing 

  • Favourite Music : EDM

  • Favourite Artwork (or artist) : Pierre Bonnard


  • Other Positions: Member of the Group Executive Board of ACOLIN Holding AG, Executive Board of ACOLIN Fund Services AG and ACOLIN Europe AG.

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