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Tom Steffen (Groupe Steffen): The story of a house whose pleasure is to please you


“Moments” cannot be planified, you have to experience them. And for more than 30 years, we are lucky to be able to share those with our customers and team alike”.

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Can you present Groupe Steffen in a few words?

Groupe Steffen is a family business, active across Luxembourg for 33 years and focused on food, in particular meat, delicatessen, catering products and the art of sharing. Our story began in 1989 with our first butcher’s shop in Steinfort, followed by the creation of a second butcher’s shop in Dudelange and a meat curing activities with it’s famous LISANTO ham, whose name is composed of the first letters of my sister's and my own, "Lisa, Anne and Tom". Today, we operate 5 butcher’s shop (Esch-sur-Alzette, Petange and Cents have been added), 3 restaurants (Steinfort, Luxembourg railway station and Royal Hamilius), 2 Take-Aways (Luxembourg railway station and Royal Hamilius), an event catering operation (Steffen Traiteur) and a convenience brand “L’Atelier Steffen”. All those activities gathering the support of some 200 employees, our activities are still growing while preserving its traditional values and the love for home-made quality.


How have you approached diversification over the past decades, from Butcher to catering to restaurants?

The diversification of our activities was done naturally and following the request of our customers; indeed, we were more and more solicited for our catering service in our butcher’s shop so we have decided to create “Steffen Traiteur” which is the promise of a flawless organization, and the guarantee of a gourmet refinement from appetizer to dessert which is essential to the success of your family banquets and professional events. The same mindset applies for our restaurants and Take Away operations.

Of course, we had challenges to get to this point, especially at the Luxembourg railway station and the Royal Hamilius where it was necessary on one hand to win the tender and on the other hand, establish ourselves among the competition once that was achieved. Never shy of a challenge we are aware that going forward, we’ll have to continue to stay close to our vision and values so they remain ingrained, share our heritage and traditions, offer exceptional products to our customers, be part of sustainable development, demonstrate transparency in terms of hygiene and quality and maintain a very close relationship with our customers.


Where do you see your group in 10 years and which main success keys will you use going forward?

In 10 years, I still see our different entities serving and satisfying our clients.

We certainly wish to open more stores where and when appropriate, to be able to serve broader communities, especially in the north of the country. Indeed, our objective is to continue growing while maintaining our sense for quality and the family spirit of our business. Going forward we will, together with our teams, continue to try and ”make a difference” through expertise and professional teams, inventive products that are constantly renewed, use of carefully selected raw materials, transparency with our customers, numerous dietary suggestions, and a  continually honed out customer experience.




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