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Legal and financial information

Sqope’s motto is “the most accurate information possible”. The legal and financial information it offers provides an essential service to grow your business in accordance with the laws and regulations in place.

Did you say “financial intelligence”?


Financial intelligence enables you to grow your activities in a secure framework, thanks to in-depth knowledge about your various customers and prospective customers. Sqope helps you to get to know them better and study their strengths. Founded in 2009, this company grew out of the need to respond to the growing demands of laws and regulations in various countries around the world. Sqope stood out from the outset, with the launch of a benchmark information report: the Personal Intelligence Report and the Corporate Intelligence Report. In 2011, the company went international and Thomas Ormond took over as chairman and director. New products are on offer in 2012. Scope View is a monthly or quarterly update. Sqope currently has a 3 person team in Luxembourg and 15 employees worldwide through one subsidiary.

Ever more necessary


KYC (Know Your Customer) is a legal requirement all companies need to comply with. This customer knowledge is now essential today. The stringency of the regulations differs depending on the business sector. This stringency means the need to find out, as well as analyse, legal and financial information. Before starting out with a person, company or even a country, you need to decide to do it in full knowledge of the facts. Knowing your customers and prospective customers guarantees a good commercial relationship in the long term. It is an essential condition for accelerating the expansion of your business in a secure way.


Sqope caters in particular for private banks, life assurance companies, independent asset managers, legal firms, accounting firms, etc. Currently, despite a competitive environment, the company does not have any direct competitors. Its trump cards include the accuracy and quality of the information collected, unsurpassed IT processes and unrivalled timing. Everything it does is fully transparent. Within the next five or ten years, Sqope will be essential and worldwide in equal measure.​

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