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Serge Krancenblum (IQ-EQ Group): The Brainstormer


Far from being monotone and limited to just black and white, Serge Krancenblum sees the world in infinite tones of grey, because everything in the world is complex, exciting and constantly on the move, and everything, absolutely everything is in an unstable equilibrium.

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Fear does not avoid danger

Daring to move forward, fearing neither falling nor making mistakes sums up Serge Krancenblum. This native of Metz doesn’t see standing still as an option. After studying finance in France and the United States, Serge headed for Luxembourg. Here he co-founded IQ-EQ that he has been the key figure transforming into the world’s fourth-largest, independent investor services firm. Serge says he owes his success to the Grand Duchy: he demonstrates his gratitude for this by being one of its most persuasive ambassadors. He feels Luxembourg added another dimension to his career: alongside being the Chairman of IQ-EQ, he used to sit on the Haut Comité de la Place Financière and is now the honorary chairman of the L3A and LAFO, two Luxembourg professional associations. 


Grey is beautiful

While some people may have a black and white view of things and of the world, Serge Krancenblum knows that things are not that simple. He believes his lucidity to be both his main quality and his main fault: but that helps him appreciate the complexity at every level of our planet, making things more attractive and more stimulating. Geopolitics is a puzzle where the pieces are constantly changing shape, making it particularly difficult to put them together. So many parameters to take into account with infinite variables might be torture for some people, but it’s something of a passion for Serge. Just like martial arts, which require constant self-control, discipline and humility to recognize that what you thought was an end is, in fact, just one step on a longer journey. 



Just because he is a knowledgeable financier doesn’t mean that Serge Krancenblum doesn’t quote Marx. Groucho that is, not Karl. Even though he quotes the eldest of the comic quartet, who said “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”, Serge has willingly put his energy in professional associations and think tanks. In fact, every facet of a person has equal importance and helps to maintain equilibrium. An equilibrium, that is, which makes it possible to keep moving. An unstable equilibrium. 




  • Birthday: 8/10/1961

  • Place of birth: Metz

  • Nationality: Luxembourgish

  • Children: 2

  • Languages: French, English

  • Hobbies: Geopolitics, Martial arts



  • Cities: Paris, New York, Tel Aviv

  • Restaurants: Ma Langue Sourit, Um Plateau


  • Chairman of IQ-EQ

  • Leading the M&A Strategy


  • Honorary Chairman of the Luxembourg Association for Family Offices “LAFO”

  • Honorary Chairman of the Luxembourg Alternative Administrators Association (L3A)

  • Chairman of Gatsby & White SA

  • Chairman of the International Facilitation Forum

  • Creator of IQ-EQ Crossroads


  • European Personality of the Year at the Funds Europe Awards


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