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Sébastien Danloy



RBC Investor Services Bank, SA, RBC Investor & Treasury Services



Chief Executive, RBC Investor Services Bank Managing Director, Continental Europe & Offshore, RBC Investor & Treasury Services


Full circle


Twenty years after he first came to the Grand Duchy, Sébastien Danloy’s career took a new turn that has seen him settle in at the top of the RBC tower.


From Luxembourg...


Sébastien Danloy graduated from the Solvay Business School in Brussels – his home town – but chose to begin his business career in Luxembourg’s capital. His first position was with the European Court of Auditors but he quickly transitioned to financial services. “I left for the banking environment” Sébastien explains. “First in operations, then on the commercial side.” This environment was a better match for his aspirations. But Sébastien enjoys a challenge and always looks forward. After ten years working in the world of finance, he moved from Luxembourg to pursue other opportunities abroad, first in Ireland, then in the United Kingdom, and then to Paris where he assumed a role based in La Défense.


...To Luxembourg


In 2011, RBC Investor & Treasury Services (RBC I&TS) offered him the position of Managing Director for Luxembourg, and CEO of RBC Investor Services Bank S.A.. From his office on the 17th floor of the RBC tower in Esch-sur-Alzette, next to the old blast furnaces, Sébastien is mindful of his responsibilities – Luxembourg being a key entity of the Investor & Treasury Services division of RBC. Having played a major role in building a strong offshore strategy throughout the firm, Sébastien became Managing Director, Continental Europe & Offshore. His priorities are now twofold: to ensure RBC I&TS adapts to the changing regulatory environment and its new opportunities, and to continue to foster a culture of quality and client centricity across the organisation.


Honesty and transparency


Loyal in friendship (40 years on, he remains friends with the first person he sat next to in school), Sébastien’s personal qualities of loyalty and integrity are mirrored in his approach to business. For Sébastien, Luxembourg is a country he loves. It has much to offer, and it’s where he feels at home.


Facts & Figures


  • Birthday: 25/05/1970

  • Place of birth: Namur

  • Nationality: Belgian

  • Languages: French, English, Dutch

  • Hobbies: Tennis


My favourite


  • Cities: London, Barcelona and San Francisco

  • Book: Victor Hugo

  • Music: Dire Straits and Spanish singers

  • Artists: Monet, Turner

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