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Pieter Coopmans  (Gatsby & White):  Gradually Transforming to a Digital Intermediation Platform


As an independent, pan-European life insurance distribution business, Gatsby & White’s Chief Executive Officer, Pieter Coopmans, says the firm aims to enhance its client and business partner experience by migrating to a digital intermediation platform. However, he highlights that skilled staff will continue to play an equally important role in combination with new technology, driving the service and efficiency of its value chain.

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Can you describe Gatsby & White in a few words?

Gatsby & White is an independent and privately-owned life insurance distributor. Over the past ten years, we have become the leading pan-European insurance distribution platform with agent and broker activities across the continent and beyond. We have become the trusted advisor to HNWI clients of the leading private banks, asset managers, and family offices. Our robust growth over the past decade has been possible thanks to hiring the most highly skilled experts, supporting our trusted advisors in more than twelve jurisdictions. We have invested heavily in growing our pan-European presence to ensure we have a B2B4C structure with a level of governance that meets the highest standards of compliance.


"We envisage a real hybrid model combining the best of both the human and the technological worlds”

Why are banks, asset managers and family offices collaborating with Gatsby & White?

There are several arguments to explain why business partners decide to team up with Gatsby. First of all, we provide them with access to multiple insurance carriers, offering a wide range of solutions for the different markets where we are present. Combined with the expertise and specialized knowledge we bring to the table, this allows us to guide and advise our business partners by selecting the best insurance solutions, managing risks and adhering to the latest insurance related compliance requirements.

Furthermore, we streamline and manage the whole insurance selection and buying process, allowing our business partners to focus on their core business, saving them time and resources. By outsourcing the insurance distribution process, we help them manage the risks in their business model and ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulation such as the Insurance Distribution Directive.


How do clients respond to the services you offer?


Of course, all clients are unique! That said, our business partners’ high net worth clients usually have complex family and business situations and require exceptional customer service as well as personalized attention. All our advisors have a deep understanding of the high net worth insurance market and their respective jurisdictions. We support our business partners in identifying the clients’ specific risks and wealth planning needs which are then translated in insurance solutions or specilized covers. This obviously requires knowledge of insurance but also of wealth management, asset protection and risk management.


The feedback from clients in general is very positive, as they are less familiar with the insurance offering and are positively surprised by the planning, protection and flexibility elements an insurance solution brings to the table.


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