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Pierre Thomas


In addition to developing historical luxury villas in Florida under the “La Vie Est Belle” brand, Pierre Thomas is venturing into a new investment opportunity: "club deals" in Multi-Family real estate projects in the US. He will also remain specialized in fundraising.

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How do you plan to minimize risks associated with real estate investments through geographic diversification?


One solution we offer our investors is the opportunity to invest in our regulated fund, which boasts a diversified portfolio of assets situated in premium locations such as Paris, Courchevel, Marbella, and Miami. Our strategy involves co-investing in the equity of real estate development projects in exclusive locations, alongside local development partners, in a way that makes sure our interests are aligned, resulting in a win-win relationship. This approach enables our fund investors to achieve significant double-digit returns. Since we always co-own the projects in which we invest, our approach provides solid protection against the risk of capital loss. Furthermore, our fund ensures geographic diversification across multiple investment lines in economically stable countries, while also guaranteeing regular distribution to repay the invested capital.



What are the characteristics of the American real estate investment model, and how will you adapt it to your own portfolio?


Currently, we are adapting our strategy with a new investment focus on US Multi-Family projects. This model has proven to be profitable, especially in the present context of rising interest rates and high real estate prices, which have led prospective buyers towards renting, thereby increasing rents and profitability upon resale of these projects. Once these projects are completed and the apartments are leased, they are sold as a block to a single institutional investor. We believe that valuations and rents in Multi-Family projects will continue to trend upward in the years to come. Additionally, for European investors, this approach offers the advantage of geographic diversification. The US presents more attractive returns than Europe and is less influenced by the current geopolitical climate.


What are your current and future projects in locations like Dubai, Monaco, and other potential destinations?


Over the past decade, we have successfully established the "La Vie Est Belle" brand in the US by constructing luxury villas in exclusive locations ( We are now considering replicating this model in cities such as Dubai or Monaco by co-investing with local partners in purchase-renovation-resale projects initially. However, considering the current economic context, we are still waiting for the opportune moment to put in place this strategy. Presently, we are in the process of identifying suitable local partners who will facilitate the expansion of our "La Vie Est Belle" brand into other geographic areas.




  • Birthday: 17 mai 1966

  • Place of birth: Metz

  • Nationality: Française et Luxembourgeoise

  • Children: 4

  • Languages: Français - Anglais

  • Hobbies: Voyages – Concerts/Spectacle – Musique – Promenades – Restaurants



  • Cities: Miami – Luxembourg – Paris – Annecy – Comporta – Courchevel / Parc de la Vanoise – New York – Londres – Barcelone - Dubai

  • Restaurants: Tero House 17 – Um Plateau – La Mirabelle – Le Roma – Léa Linster - Six Seven

  • Places: Les Lacs - Les parcs nationaux US - La nature - La mer - Expositions d’Art Contemporain

  • Books: Le dernier en date : Jacques Séguela (90 ans d’amour) suite à sa rencontre à Luxembourg

  • Music: Michael Jackson – Bruno Mars – Sade – Sting – Calvin Harris – Lionel Richie – Queen – Elton John  et les copains David Guetta & Bob Sinclar

  • Artists: Bruno Catalano – Jane Waterous – Antoine Dufhilo



  • CEO et Founder : Eurocom Networks Group : La vie est belle – We Invest Capital Partners – Premium Real Estate Fund RAIF



  • Board member and co-founder de B17 (Luxembourg)

  • Membre actif du LBAN, la communauté Luxembourgeoise des Business Angels

  • Shareholder de HUB FINANCES / DATA PUNK (Luxembourg)

  • Shareholder et Board member de OLEAN Group (France)

  • Board member et Shareholder de LA BRIGADE DE VERO (France)

  • Shareholder de SESAMM Metz (France)

  • Shareholder de GONUGGETS - NUGGETS TECHNOLOGY (Luxembourg)

  • Shareholder de ZERO-1 LIFI (Luxembourg)

  • Shareholder de ROOM MATE (Luxembourg)

  • Shareholder de AYDO (Luxembourg)

  • Shareholder de Ze Place (France)

  • Shareholder de CASCADE LAB (Luxembourg)

  • Shareholder de Blockpulse (France)

  • Shareholder de NEXTEN.IO (Luxembourg)


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