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Revel Wood & Steve Bernat: Two Become ONE


ONE group solutions


Founding Partner

Investment Funds


Despite their highly diverse backgrounds, Steve Bernat and Revel Wood’s interests converged over a game of pétanque in Monaco—which the formidable pair went on to win the tournament. That encounter blossomed into a friendship and the founding of ONE group solutions, the next generation fund management solutions provider offering modular third-party Management Company and AIFM, Compliance Consulting, Corporate Secretary, and Governance Technology solutions to financial institutions from around the globe.

Life with an international perspective

Steve Bernat could have enjoyed, as a Luxembourg national from the south of the country, a secure career in Luxembourg’s Ministry of Education, where he started his professional journey. Instead, he aspired to work in an international environment. Leaving the well-trodden path is a goal that Steve has pursued most of his professional life. After more than 10 years in fund services operations, product and relationship management with Citibank and others, Steve discovered his true niche in business development, as he has always been strong in building relationships with people from around the globe. This move has required him to spend more time abroad than at home in Luxembourg the past 10 years, but it has also allowed him to successfully build two third-party Management Companies to become a leader in their sector within a very short period of time by attracting many asset managers to his home country. While he may be “the best commercial CEO in Luxembourg,” as Revel Wood describes him, he has never forgotten what leads to success — a winning team. For his new venture as founding partner of ONE group solutions, he teams-up with Revel and both have assembled a hand-picked team of experienced industry professionals committed to delivering client excellence.

“We combine technology and the best industry talent to deliver service excellence and real value for money”.

Leading by example


Revel Wood started his career as an entrepreneur in South Africa, where he was born into a middle-class mining family, before moving into corporate life as an audit manager at PwC. After the military, where he gained the rank of Lieutenant, and an entrepreneurial foray, Revel gained exposure to international markets at PwC working on the listing of two South African mining companies on the LSE and NYSE. He then decided to move to London in search of adventure and international finance experience where he quickly made a name for himself, running middle-office outsourcing operations and product at Bank of New York and Northern Trust.  For the last ten years, he has held MD and CEO positions in the Luxembourg fund management industry and has also been appointed to the board of ALFI in 2017. His success in Luxembourg is attributed to building a network and a reputation as a loyal, trusted and results-oriented industry partner. Steve sees Revel as “the relentless visionary with great strategic thinking”, a talent he will certainly use to contribute to the improvement and advancement of the Luxembourg fund industry with ONE’s NextGen solutions.

Strength in diversity


In joining forces to launch ONE group solutions, Steve Bernat and Revel Wood have combined the complementary strengths of their distinctive backgrounds and their experience in the fund industry and have created the NextGen fund management solutions. They are joined, among others, by Tobias Ettlin and Alan Guiney, who will lead the subsidiaries ONE regulatory (offering technology-based compliance solutions), and ONE corporate (offering end-to-end corporate support for the fund industry).

Facts & Figures

Revel Wood

  • Birthday: 12/01/1969

  • Birth place: Bulawayo ( Zimbabwe)

  • Nationality: British citizen/ South African

  • Number of children: 2

  • Languages: English, Afrikaans, Sotho (although the latter not practiced for sometime)

  • Hobbies: Theatre, Reading, Cycling, Squash, Golf, Skiing, Scuba-diving, Church

Steve Bernat

  • Birthday: 9/03/1978

  • Birth place: Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)

  • Nationality: Luxembourger

  • Number of children: 1 son whose name is Noé

  • Languages: Luxembourgish, English, French, German

  • Hobbies: Traveling, tennis, sailing, golf and skiing

My favourite

Revel Wood

  • Towns: Cape Town, London, Salzburg, Sydney

  • Places: Lohninghof, Five Flies, Ma Langue Sourit, Chutney Mary

  • Restaurants:Victoria Falls, Red Sea, The Alps, Garden Route, and Central Kalahari

  • Books: Long walk to freedom

  • Music:‎ All Ages & Genre from Classical via Rock, Blues 80s Pop to Bruno Mars

Steve Bernat

  • Towns: Hong Kong

  • Places: Withsunday Islands (Australia), Railay beach (Thailand), Bagan (Myanmar)

  • Restaurants:Owstellgleis (Hostert)

  • Music: Coldplay

  • Artwork (or artist):‎ Photography by Sebastião Salgado​

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