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Expertise, Commitment and Added Value

mebs provides governance to regulated and non-regulated entities. 



Founded in 2008 by Eric Chinchon and Michael Lange, ME Business Solutions (mebs) has become one of the Luxembourg leading providers of governance services to the asset management industry. The team of over 30 individuals gathered together by Eric and Michael serves more than 150 mandates for initiators from Japan to the US, and from Iceland to Australia. The diversity of professional experience and cultural backgrounds of the team allows for covering substantially all asset classes, investment styles and client requirements. Frontrunners in regulatory matters and compliance team up with risk management specialists and distribution experts, adding cutting edge value to operations.


Governance is now a profession in itself. Independent directors and other stakeholders of governance face increasingly complex environments. Pressure from both regulators and investors demand professionalism, accountability and commitment. The former requires numerous hours of reading and training each year, up to an aggregate of two weeks of time. The latter demands work alongside the road and not only during the few hours of an effective board meeting: decisions need to be discussed beforehand, documentation is to be prepared and analysed in due time before meetings and appropriate follow up of actions decided has to be performed. Commitment may only be achieved by serving a limited number of mandates; this ensures to add value.

Added Value

Independent governance has to add value to investors and stakeholders of the asset management. Independent governance means that each constituent of a board needs to embrace a particular role, ensuring that all areas of responsibility are collectively covered. Independent directors and officers (conducting persons, risk managers, compliance officers) bring unbiased views, unparalleled experience and strong interpersonal skills. Added value does not merely consist in ensuring compliance. It encompasses operational effectiveness of information/transaction flows and proactive participation to investor due diligence. Independence therefore supports areas as diverse as operations, compliance, risk management or fundraising.​

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