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Martin Vogel (Waystone): A Fast Thinker


Martin Vogel is now CEO Europe at Waystone and is a Board Member of the Waystone Holding Company following the merger of MontLake, MDO and DMS to create the leading global management company and governance firm.

Prior to the merger, Martin was the CEO of MDO Management Company. As well as being active in all aspects of the business, Martin provided clients with advice on product structuring and development, and cross-border distribution. Under his leadership, MDO Management Company developed into one of Luxembourg’s leading independent third-party management companies.

Martin Vogel is a Swiss attorney-at-law, is active in fund associations, advises asset managers on the third-party management company landscape and is a regular speaker at international fund conferences.

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Swiss precision


Born in Switzerland to a family of engineers, Martin Vogel graduated as a lawyer. He worked for BP, Swiss Reinsurance and several law firms before joining the Zurich office of Julius Baer in 1996. He stayed there for 16 years, working his way up to Managing Director, pursuing a strong focus on asset management, product management and global custody. Enjoying the kind of freedom that his position allowed, he decided to move into the entrepreneurial side of business. In 2009, Martin invested in MDO, becoming the CEO of MDO Group, which includes MDO Management Company and The Director’s Office.

Loyalty first

At Martin’s wedding, his father gave his new daughter-in-law some advice: “Don’t always listen to Martin if he gives too many orders”. A natural leader, he learned a lot during his national service in the Swiss Army: “It’s a complex process organising and managing a group of people who are forced to do something. I find it much easier in business, where employees are motivated”.

Loyalty and respect still feature high on his list of core values. Now enjoying the challenge of further establishing MDO’s position as a leading fund service provider in Luxembourg, the Swiss businessman once flew to Florida to terminate an agreement with a supplier. “I am not the kind of businessman who attends meetings when things are going well and sends emails when times are tough. In addition, you never know what the future will hold.”

Work-life balance

His colleagues know just how quickly their CEO can think and act. “Don’t think too much: leap into new adventures,” he says with a smile. He enjoys skiing and golf, but family life is his top priority. “At the end of the day, nobody says “thank you” for business”. His 2 children give him the energy he needs on a daily basis. He remembers Peter Spaelti, the former CEO of Winterthur, as a man who managed to combine excellence in business with a successful family life. A track record he hopes to replicate.




  • Birthday: 29/09/1963 

  • Nationality: Swiss

  • Children: 2

  • Languages: English, German native, Italian (a bit of French)

  • Hobbies: Sports, politics




  • Cities: Zurich, Roma

  • Places: Mountains, Sea

  • Books: The name of Rose (Eco), Old books of Michener

  • Restaurants: El Barrio, Monte Carlo: Mas de Provencale, Zurich: Seerose

  • Music: Vivaldi, Hit parade 1-10

  • Artists: Cezanne, Caravaggio



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