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Marnix van den Berge (Carmignac): Aligning our interests with our 


Marnix van den Berge is head of Benelux at Carmignac and responsible for the distribution strategy in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. With his team, he commits to build long term partnerships and provide the best possible servicing to its clients and prospects with relevant investment solutions and ensure client satisfaction in the Benelux region.

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Can you present your company in a few words?

Carmignac is an independent asset management firm established in 1989 on three core principles that still stand true today: entrepreneurial spirit, human-driven insight, and active commitment. We are both active managers and active partners, committed to our clients, providing transparency on our investment decisions and will always be accountable for them. The "skin in the game" or alignment of interests as we practice it, means sharing the same objectives and the same risks with our clients. With a capital entirely held by the Carmignac family and staff, Carmignac is today a recognised asset manager in Europe, with more than 300 employees and 34 nationalities operating from seven different offices. Today, as throughout our history, we are committed to try harder and better to actively manage our clients’ savings over the long-term.


What are the new challenges and opportunities that you identify?

We believe it is key to bring innovation to our clients in this competitive environment. That’s why we have created an Investment Solution team made of our experts in creating and managing tailor-made, one-stop shop solutions for our investors and distribution partners. They engage with each of our clients to understand and address their specific needs and provide them creative solutions, capitalizing on Carmignac’s investment management skills as well as robust operational and regulatory controls. This also offers great opportunities in the Benelux market. In the context of more remote working, we have adapted our ways of working to our client’s needs. Every day, we challenge our-self to offer attractive events to our clients and prospects. It has been a challenge to attract clients physically to our events due to the Covid virus. Our sales and marketing team delivered the best possible service to them to find the best suitable way to address their clients.


How do you see the future of Luxembourg?

Our Luxembourg office opened in 1999. It was our first office outside of France, the start of our international distribution journey and is today one of our major European offices. In our view, Luxembourg is the perfect location for a long-term investor like Carmignac. It’s the largest European fund domicile and the second largest fund center in the world behind the United States. Out of the ~29,000 UCITS funds that are domicile in Europe, ~10,000 are domiciled in Luxembourg. It has a unique concentration of investment fund experts as well as several law firms, auditors and tax advisers, all with strong experience in cross-border fund registrations. Additionally, Luxembourg’s financial sector ecosystem benefits from an international, multilingual, and highly qualified workforce.

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