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Maria Löwenbrück



Union Investment Luxembourg



Managing director, Member of the board of Union Investment Luxembourg and several SICAV`s


Other Positions

Member of the board of ALFI

Member of the board of DLWI

Member of the board of Europa-Union Luxemburg

Member of the board of LuxFLag


Maria Löwenbrück, (Union Investment Luxembourg): The early bird

Maria Löwenbrück lists being an early bird as a personal flaw. But as a “flaw” it seems to have been one of her greatest assets, along with the strength she gains from her family and those with whom she works.


Early achievements.

“Early birds” are irrepressibly chirpy first thing in the morning when the rest of us are not. And they seem to have achieved so much by the time the rest of us get into work. Maria’s decision to change career direction, an unlikely move from mechanical engineering blast furnaces, into the “white heat” of Luxembourg’s financial industry, was timely. She began her financial career in Luxemburg in 1994 and by 2000 had started work at Union Investment Luxembourg. The change coincided with Luxembourg taking early advantage of what became a hugely successful trajectory into collective investments following the issuing of the revised, European Union’s UCITS directive in 2002. In 2005 she became Managing director and Member of the Board of Union Investment Luxembourg, one of the leading German Asset Manager in Luxembourg, currently managing  around $57 billion .in Luxembourg. In her position she sees one of the main tasks being to invest time and help to continue the positive development in the future as well.



“Other providers give their clients what they have – we provide them with what they need.”


Seizing opportunities

Union Investment’s early seizing of this investment management prize led it to become a leading player in the premier global financial center for the management of UCITS. That fits with Maria’s own business philosophy, “To identify opportunities and use them.” The latest one of which Maria and Union Investment are taking advantage is the growing potential for sustainable investment. Union Investment manages $42 billions of sustainable investment funds within the group. Aligning with Maria’s “flaw” of being an “early bird,” Union Investment have committed early to a sector that seems destined for growth: investors are increasingly seeking a home for their investments that will not harm their children and grandchildren’s futures by earning money through environmental imprudence. This approach also aligns with Maria’s own, ingrained, sense of responsibility and family values.

A Family Affair

Family is Maria’s foundation. From the early responsibilities she was obliged to assume as the eldest of three sisters following her father’s early illness; to the anxiety caused by her son’s serious motorcycle accident; to nominating her husband as her chosen hero and her proudest achievement, “To have educated my children to be responsible people,” family has unashamedly molded her life. Her sense of achievement in her children contrasts with her choice of favorite book. “The Corrections” by Jonathan Franzen that sees failure in a family rendered dysfunctional by alcoholism, depression and corruption. But that may illustrate Maria’s appreciation of the diversity of the human family. She says that one of her proudest achievements is “All colleagues, whose development I was allowed to participate in” – like family and sustainable development, a reflection of the power for the future.

Facts & Figures


  • Birthday: 19. August 1961          

  • Birth place: Germany

  • Nationality: German

  • Number of children: 2

  • Languages: German, English, Luxemburgish

  • Hobbies: Cooking, Gardening, Reading, Singing

My favourite


  • Favourite Towns: Berlin, Munich, Paris

  • Favourite Places: Japanese gardens

  • Favourite Book:  “The Corrections” Jonathan Franzen

  • Favourite Restaurants: Patin d`Or, Richtershof (Mülheim)

  • Favourite Music: Jazz, Classic

  • Favourite artist: Meryl Streep

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