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Marco Bus (Eurizon Capital) : Eurizon, a traditional company in continuous evolution


Marco Bus, the Head of Eurizon Capital S.A., asset management company of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group in the Grand Duchy, says in an interview that the role of his company is to allow Eurizon to be able to offer innovative and quality product solutions to clients.

Eurizon Capital__Marco Bus.jpeg

Can you present your company in a few words?

Eurizon Capital S.A., fully owned by Eurizon Capital SGR, is part of the Asset Management Division of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. Eurizon Capital SGR is an Italian asset manager with a strong internationalisation drive. The Luxemburg company has a crucial role in this global approach, with more than 140 bln of UCI under management is one of the largest asset management companies in Luxembourg. Unlike most of the other asset managers, we have a Portfolio management team which manages, directly from the Grand Duchy, a large portion of our AUM. Additionally, we supervise our branches based in Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid as well as our Zurich office. Eurizon has a strong commitment towards ESG and joined the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative. The NZAMI comprises a group of international asset managers committed to supporting the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, or earlier, in line with efforts to limit global warming.


What are the new challenges and opportunities that you identify?

Due to the nature of financial markets, we face new challenges and opportunities every day, even more so lately due too several disruptive events.In this scenario, the main challenges for us will be to be able to keep pace with technological innovation and to adapt our offer to legislative changes. Since innovation is the key to transform any challenge into an opportunity our processes support it and enhance it with technology thanks to our teams, our core strength. That’s why even if the SFDR regulation had a strong impact, we considered the integration of sustainability criteria a strong opportunity for our company rather than as a challenge. Consistent with this approach at the end of February, the 72% of the AUM of Eurizon Capital SA are already classified articles 8 and 9.


How do you see the future of Luxembourg?


Intesa Sanpaolo Group recently decided to strengthen its position in Luxembourg because we strongly believe in this Country and in our place here in the future. The international competition is strong, in order to strengthen its position as a cross-border centre of excellence the Grand Duchy should continue focusing its efforts to grow as global hub for sustainable and impact investing. Luxembourg should also keep investing in innovation to maintain favourable conditions for the fund industry, indeed a key driver for the growth of the Country. Already today and even more tomorrow, blockchain, tokenisation, machine learning and artificial intelligence will impact the entire value chain of the industry. Luxembourg has a difficult challenge to face: Strengthen its attractiveness for the talents needed in this new environment while keeping a good efficiency level of its corporate structures  .


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