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Marcel Leyers (BIL) : Partner of the Luxembourgish Economy 


“One of our priorities is the protection of our clients. They need a strong and reliable partner in a more and more complex business environment,” says Marcel Leyers. He explains that BIL can be that partner.

BIL Leyers Marcel.jpeg


Can you describe your company in a few words?


Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) is a bank deeply rooted in Luxembourg and with international clients. Founded in 1856, we have been a strong partner for the Luxembourgish economy and for the people living in this region. We are connected to the positive development of Luxembourg and have a strong international business. We build bridges for our clients through our subsidiaries including BIL Manage Invest, BIL Lease and Belair House. Like Luxembourg, we embody the values, the rules and the solidity of Europe. One of our strengths is our support for entrepreneurs, in day-to-day business and in realizing opportunities and plans. This includes a 360-degree service, connecting private banking and wealth management services with corporate banking: An ideal solution for business owners and entrepreneurs.


“’Simple’” solutions are an exception: Frequently we need to combine our teams of experts to find the best support for our clients.”


What risks and challenges do you identify for your company and the competitiveness of Luxembourg?


Luxembourg has a long and successful history of adapting to changes and turning them around into sustainable business models. Luxembourg, and BIL, have shown substantial resilience even during the Covid pandemic. The past two years have helped us to fast-track digitalization and the way we work together. It is our obligation to continue these developments and I feel both Luxembourg and BIL are on a good track. One of the key challenges for Luxembourg is rising inflation, especially in combination with shortages in the supply of necessary goods. This is a threat for many of our clients and we are all asked to support the Luxembourgish economy. Luxembourg will also need to attract more talent. We are not short of work here in this prosperous region.



Which financial trends do you identify and how are you adapting to them?


Our clients are facing a more and more complex world. This is true for our private banking clients as well as for our corporate clients. “Simple” solutions are an exception: Frequently we need to combine our teams of experts to find the best support for our clients. We need to focus on their needs and we need more specialists. While we see growing demand for digital services for standard banking transactions, we also need to develop tailor-made solutions to meet clients’ expectations for more complex projects such as loans, investments, etc. BIL has adapted to those needs in a very concerted way: We bring together experts to develop the best solution and the best service. Here we benefit from our internal bench strength as well as from our international capacities with offices in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hongkong and Beijing.


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