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Loïc Le Foll (La Mondiale Europartner): More Emphasis on Digitalization to unleash the power of humanity in Wealth Management


Loïc Le Foll is a Member of the Executive Committee of AG2R La Mondiale in charge of the overall Wealth Insurance activity and Chief Executive Officer of La Mondiale Europartner. The Luxembourg subsidiary of the AG2R LA MONDIALE Group “has been investing significantly in technology for several years to better serve our partners and customers while making life easier for our employees."

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How is digitalization impacting your company?

Digital has always played a strategic role in our business, but our digitalization process started accelerating, first five years ago, and then during COVID-19. Initially, we wanted to continue improving the quality of service for our customers and partners, in particular by simplifying our online forms. This provides teams with more time that they can then reinvest in supporting our customers. Secondly, digital technology is supporting our growth by facilitating the development of new products, new markets, and new distribution methods. Digitalization is also changing the way we do business. Certain administrative tasks are becoming automated, this saves our employees time and allows them to concentrate their efforts on higher added-value tasks, mainly customer advice. Another consequence is that new functions are emerging, particularly in the control and management of digital functions.

"We operate in an industry where the value of human remains recognized across all our professions.”

In this context, what role do people play at La Mondiale Europartner?

People have always played a central role in our company and in our Group.  We operate in a business sector where the value of people is recognized in all our activities, whether itis our employees, our partners, or our customers. The key element in our approach remains trust, and digital technology makes life easier, but cannot create this essential relationship. It is a long-term investment that no algorithm is currently able to reproduce. From this point of view, the value created in our company is above all the result of the skills and talent of our teams - and digitalization is a tool to make this possible!


"Trust remains the key element in our approach"

How do you get the best out of your teams and digital technology to achieve your objectives?

Our employees are actively involved in our projects: they act as truly committed team members, and we have included them from the very start of our digital transformation. We provide a reassuring framework by offering very regular and transparent communication, which has clearly established that the aim of digitalization is not to cut jobs. On the contrary, I aim to foster this community through moments of exchange enabling them to actively participate in shaping their future within our company. I think it is natural to promote the development of our employees within the company, to highlight best practices, and to honor outstanding achievements. Finally, I believe that all our teams have been honored recently, as collaboration works across all functions within our company.


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