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Léa Linster: The Prophet (Outside Her Country) 


In 1989 Léa Linster became the first and only woman to win the prestigious Bocuse d'Or. She has gone on to win international acclaim. But no one is a prophet in her own country. It is not only in the Grand Duchy is her talent is discussed.

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Ferran Adrià


When he saw on my business card that I was from Luxembourg, the Catalan chef who has been voted best chef in the world four times at his restaurant "ElBulli" exclaimed with a broad smile: "Léa Linster! And he asked me about her. At the Shanghai World Expo, she was the guest of honor cooking in the Spanish pavilion. She would have loved to prepare dishes for visitors to the Luxembourg Pavilion, but no one came to ask for her services. In Germany, Léa writes a regular column in the famous magazine Brigitte. People recognize her in the street. Her travels also regularly take her to the United States and the rest of the world.





Léa Linster comes from a family of food lovers. Her maternal grandparents are bakers and her parents own a café-restaurant in Frisange. So, it's only natural that she should try her hand at cooking from an early age, but unlike other children, Léa's passion was her guide. At the age of 6, she prepared her first dish and by the age of 15, she was replacing her mother in the kitchen. Her innate talent for cooking led her to give up her law studies in 1981. She took the family café-restaurant, which was transformed the following year into a gourmet restaurant. She refused to leave Frisange, where the Léa Linster restaurant is a haven of peace overlooking the Luxembourg countryside.  



In search of happiness


A healthy mind in a healthy body is Léa's philosophy. It applies just as much to life as it does to cooking. She and her team attach a great deal of importance to the products they use, and above all to taste - the real thing. Her criticisms of modern cuisine are that it loses its way and mutilates flavors. Her ambition is to share her love of the best products to make her customers happy. All you have to do is look at the restaurant's menu and you'll be in for a treat: Saddle of lamb en croute, free-range poularde and roast fillet of sole are all very popular. Winning the Bocuse d'Or in 1989 enabled her to work alongside her idols: Paul Bocuse, Pierre Troisgros, and Joël Robuchon. But Léa rejects the star system: Above all else, she aims to have fun. Her secret dream was to act in the theatre: She presented her own TV show, "Léa's KochLust", broadcast on Saarländischer Rundfunk. In 1996, Léa became the owner of a vineyard in Remich, a natural extension of her garden and her love of fine cuisine.


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