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Jean-Nicolas Montrieux (INOWAI): Maturing Real Estate Responsibilities


INOWAI Jean-Nicolas Montrieux reflects on how real estate has developed over the past 20 years into a people-focus company: How investing in the technologies like digitalization, not only improves efficiency but also facilitates the adoption of the environmental, social, and governance standards that responsible property development requires to meet its sustainability obligations.

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What are INOWAI's values and ambitions?


Our focus on people, excellence, and innovation demonstrates our strengths: Our agility, knowing our territory, and being well-connected[GD1] . The company has developed successfully for 20 years and is since then, constantly thriving to excellence by guaranteeing quality work with high-added value before diversifying into other areas. Our priority is consolidating within the company to identify added value in each business line. We provide with industry expertise, so the human element, the teams, are an important value for the company. We are not a machine, nothing is manufactured. The greatest part of our investment is our commitment to our people. We offer motivation and well-being for our staff and  this is why INOWAI  has been certified “Great Place To Work” this year. We also aim to sustain a human long-term relationship with our clients. INOWAI is promoting innovation: Digital and human resources are complementary. Digitalization facilitates quality and productivity, thus improving the customer experience.


In the event of a choice, INOWAI will favor a more ESG project”

How is the environment becoming a strategic issue in the real estate market?


Real estate’s 40% contribution to carbon emissions is a challenge in achieving zero carbon by 2050. The life of buildings must be extended as much as possible. To achieve our environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) goals we need areas to work/collaborate, hence our participation in a co-living and apartment start-up (Many Many) and our creation of a project management and general contracting company(byld). People have new expectations following their return from working at home during Covid. Well-being in the office has become a key issue. As an environmental and social player, INOWAI promotes gender equality, raises money for children’s cancer care, promotes sports within the company, and, in the event of a choice, will favor a more ESG project.


How is digitalization progressing in the sector?


Digitalization is a must in the real estate industry today. Digitalization complements our human dimension. It helps people to work more easily, and efficiently. It encourages productivity, promotes better working conditions, allows us to improve our working habits, and offer finer and more relevant advice. Adoption and implementation of new technologies can be expensive. While, for example, the proportion of owners is decreasing, the proportion of tenants is increasing. Tenants' expectations are different. New technologies can enhance tenants’ experience making them willing to pay a higher price and stay longer in a property. The high costs of transactions and low liquidity in real estate can be improved with technological strategies adapting supply and demand.



  • Birthday: 12/05/1981

  • Place of birth: Liège

  • Nationality: Belgium

  • Children: 1

  • Languages: French, English,

  • Hobbies: running, cycling, travel, new technologies, aviation



  • Cities: Lisbon, New-York, Roma

  • Restaurants: All typical Mediterranean restaurants, “coup de coeur” for Due Galli in Luxembourg

  • Places: seaside and nature

  • Books: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey

  • Music: French rock

  • Artists: Gaudi, an architect professional deformation



  • RICS member

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