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Mr Hublot: The Keys to International Success 


This year, French-Luxembourg Cinema was awarded the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film for the film produced by Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares. A look back at a well-deserved award.

mr hublot Zeilt (1).jpeg




This is the story of Monsieur Hublot, who lives in an absurd world of patched-up, sewn-together, partly mechanical characters and oversized vehicles, a world where mechanical gigantism and the relentless pursuit of recycling reign supreme. Filled with quirks and idiosyncrasies, frightened of the outside world, and withdrawn into himself, Mr Hublot hates change and the unexpected. And he's found a very effective way of dealing with this: Never leaving the house! The arrival of Robot Pet will turn his habits upside down, forcing him to live together with his new, highly invasive companion.


"Thank you Mr Hublot for making my dream come true."

Laurent Witz


The film was written and directed by Laurent Witz, a producer from Lorraine with a passion for cinema and 3D. It took three years of work to make this animated short. Stéphane Haleux, a Belgian sculptor, was given the onerous task of bringing Mr Hublot to life. As 3D requires meticulous attention to detail, the director's main aim was to keep intact the poetic quality of the film that makes the character of Mr Hublot so endearing. What makes this film such a success is the fact that it was entirely produced and manufactured in Luxembourg by the ZEILT productions company set up by Laurent Weitz in 2007.



Since June 2013, the film has won no fewer than 20 international awards, including the International 3D Society, Irvine International, and the Film Festival. At the Oscars in Los Angeles, Mr Hublot won over the jury against the animated short produced by Disney, making the Grand Duchy proud to have been honored with so many accolades from the world of cinema. Following on from the Luxembourg film Ernest et Célestine, which won the prize for the best-animated film at the 2013 Césars ceremony, Luxembourg animation has once again won over an international audience.


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