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Golf-Club Grand Ducal: More than a Sport, a Passion


Since it was founded, the Golf-Club Grand Ducal has undergone many changes and now has over 1,000 members. For its president Bernard Clasen, the Golf-Club Grand-Ducal is above all a family affair.

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The founding


The story began in 1934 with the creation of Société Immobilière du Golf SA by a group of businessmen, led by Gaston Barbanson and Max Lambert, the Chairman. His Royal Highness Prince Félix of Luxembourg, husband of Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess Charlotte, supported the project by contributing the land on the Findel plateau to the Société in exchange for eight hundred shares. As the months went by, the creation of the Golf-Club aroused more and more interest, particularly from the City of Luxembourg and the Ministry of Tourism, who provided financial assistance to the Sports Association, which was founded in 1936. The Golf-Club Grand Ducal was born.



A family history


Max Lambert, the grandfather of the current President, was the first President of the Golf-Club when it was founded in 1936. According to him, golf was a means of communication, creating social links between people and countries: People played golf because they shared a desire to be part of a high-level social life. As early as 1937, the club was involved in setting up the "European Golf Association," which today has 36 member countries and has had its headquarters at the Golf-Club Grand Ducal since it was founded. From 1967 to 2004, Marco Lambert, Bernard Clasen's uncle, held the presidency. Brought up close to the greens, it was only natural that he should follow in the footsteps of his predecessors by becoming Chairman of the Golf-Club in 2004. He aims to continue what has been achieved over the years and bring the Golf Club Grand-Ducal into the modern world in the same spirit as his uncle and grandfather before him.





On 2 June 2014, the 12th anniversary of the EY International Fund of Golf Day was held at the Golf-Club Grand Ducal. This event brings together golf enthusiasts as well as people who have never played before. As for the future of the Grand Ducal Golf-Club, one thing is certain: The work currently underway will enable the driving range to be improved even further, without altering the architect's original idea.

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