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Francois Pfister




Ogier Luxembourg



Managing Partner



An uncommon sense … of self and success


What makes us who we are? What is the impact of witnessing, as a young man, the murder of a relative in Africa? At the age of twelve, discovering our first “haute cuisine” meal (no ketchup allowed!)? As a teenager exploring America while already a resolute European? As a kid playing sports with friends, yet solidly equipped with a deep understanding of playing by adult rules?

It’s not just common sense


As François Pfister opens up about his past, one unmistakably understands the importance of sense. Sense of taste, discovery, friendship, fairness… and excellence. Very early on, François Pfister was able to shape his life with the unparalleled intuition that comes from listening to oneself while opening up to others. Maintaining a keen sense of equilibrium, allowing discovery to meld with steadfastness. Blending the joy of family with the passion of work. Mixing the excitement of entrepreneurship with the demanding constraints of law. Achieving a balancing act of youthful wonder and stalwart leadership that has brought success and satisfaction to him and his family and to clients and colleagues the world over.


Senses built for trust

While keen senses have contributed to the making of the man, trust has become his watchword. François Pfister’s education and career can only be characterized as diverse. This diversity has made him one of the most respected legal minds in Luxembourg, but there is a deep, unwavering constant that guides every endeavor, mission and relationship: trust. For François Pfister, “the essence is trust”. Once established, the possibilities are endless.

Most important date in my life: tomorrow

His latest “endless possibility”? For Ogier Luxembourg’s appointed managing director, life is an eye-opening work in progress – a past full of achievement and a future open to adventure, discovery and giving back. Don’t be fooled: with his incredible gift of keen senses, he gathers, remembers and recalls. But the purpose of his gathering is clear and vital: taking the best of what he has seen, heard, tasted and smelled and making them an integral part of the future: never-ending discoveries of wine and food, a new challenge on the guitar, taking family relationships to a new, decidedly more mature level and, guiding Ogier to a unique level of excellence.

Facts & Figures


  • Birthday: 25/10/1961

  • Place of birth: Brussels

  • Nationality: Luxembourger 

  • Children: 2 (twins boy and girl - 21 years old)

  • Languages: French, English, German, Luxembourgish (basic) 

  • Hobbies: Wines, cooking, music


My favourite


  • Cities: NYC, Hong Kong, Paris, Venice

  • Place: My sea front terrasse in the south of France, on a wood junk in the Halong Bay, the Alps on a sunny day

  • Books: Le Petit Prince by St-Exupéry, La Haine de la Musique by Pascal Quignard

  • Music: Jazz, Blues and Rock: Coltrane, Miles Davis, Jimmy Hendrix, John MacLaughlin, Stanley Clarke

  • Artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, African tribal sculptors, Picasso, Edward Hopper

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