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Fernando Lopez Lens (Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal): Reinventing Excellence


For those who know him, the word passion comes to mind when describing Fernando Lopez Lens, General Manager of the Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal. When know-how and experience aim for excellence.




The luxury experience


"Our values are a passion for excellence, a spirit of openness, and the essence of pleasure," confirms Fernando Lopez Lens. Having arrived in Luxembourg in early 2011, this 45-year-old Spaniard from Galicia has a wealth of experience in the luxury hotel industry. He first worked in Madrid and San Sebastian for ten years, then in Paris and at the Sofitel in Algiers. So it was not without baggage that he arrived last year to take over the reins of this top-of-the-range establishment in the heart of the city.



Credo: Hand-sewn service


"Our mission is to offer a “hand-stitched service.” Sofitel and its Ambassadors connect the world with French elegance," says this lover of Paris. For our guests, we have the taste and the ambition to always seek to go one step further towards perfection. We know our standards. Our success comes from knowing our customers' habits and needs. We talk about passion and emotion. We want every moment spent with us to be a wonderful memory for our guests. At Sofitel, we are all Ambassadors. Team spirit and a sense of service are essential. We are committed to representing our brand in all circumstances, building relationships of trust with our guests, offering them an exceptional experience, surprising them, and giving them our sincere attention with pleasure. The human factor is, without doubt, the real key to success.



The place to be


The new manager, a keen sailor, and surfer, has lots of plans for Le Grand Ducal. "I plan to offer a diverse range of gourmet cuisine in the restaurant. As for the bar, it's “the place to be.” We need to showcase it more. And make the two communicate. Making it easier to switch between the bar and the restaurant is in keeping with the times and corresponds to the desires of today's clientele. Evening events will be organized regularly. The 128-room establishment is currently enjoying annual growth of between 7% and 10%. "The long-term aim is to increase it. The potential is there. The proof: In 2012, Travel Magazine voted the Sofitel Le Grand Ducal as the best hotel in Luxembourg.”


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