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Eric Chinchon: “MEBS Its Beginnings, Present, and Future”

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MEBS in its Beginnings

Founded in 2008, Mebs emerged in response to the growing market and regulatory demand for genuinely independent non-executive directors capable of consistently offering critical, up-to-date strategic, regulatory and compliance expertise. The founders capitalized on their combined specialized knowledge and business acumen to build a firm able to deliver long-term value across the board, providing truly independent governance with a lasting impact on boards and the broader business community.

During the early years, the primary challenges involved assembling a diverse team of experts and aligning both emerging and seasoned professionals to Mebs' long-term vision. This alignment enabled the company to effectively address competing value propositions in the market and attract mandates. Mebs swiftly recognized that the key to long-term success lay in maintaining the highest levels of excellence, reliability, transparency, and a forward-thinking approach—especially with regards to risk management. These values, still central to the company's operations today, led Mebs to becoming the first and still the only governance service provider regulated by the CSSF. Also enabling Mebs to gain the necessary notoriety to rapidly expand service offerings to include domiciliation, compliance, risk management, advisory, liquidation services, and accounting & support.

MEBS Today


Since its inception, Mebs' growth has been driven by the firm's ability to deliver high-value services in line with available resources, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a high-quality workforce and robust protocols to service long term recurring demand. With over 15 years of experience, Mebs has established itself as a trusted partner for both regulated and non-regulated entities, offering tailored professional solutions to address the challenges faced by boards and management teams. The firm's unwavering commitment to its founding values has resulted in an impressive 95% client retention rate over the past three years while also becoming a valued member of ALFI, ILA, LPEA, and FECIF.


Today's primary challenges and opportunities include adapting to new regulations and market dynamics, effectively navigating the digital transformation and sustainability waves, managing the firm’s local and international expansion, and attracting top talents. To ensure service quality and uphold the firm's reputation, Mebs continuously monitors regulatory changes at EU and local levels, sharing knowledge across the company, evaluating performance and client satisfaction, and analysing competing offers in local and international markets. This strong company culture also emphasizes safeguarding and supporting employees' professional development by empowering staff with new opportunities and incentives for growth within the firm and their professional careers. Mebs firmly believes in an open-door policy and evaluates possibilities of filling upper-level positions internally before reaching out to the market, experiencing what must be one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry.

MEBS of Tomorrow

Mebs aspires to become a premier international multi-service provider for top-tier professionals seeking a comprehensive solution for their regulated and non-regulated corporate requirements across key business hubs and high-value-adding sectors. In pursuit of continuous sustainable growth, Mebs proactively embraces emerging trends, such as digital solutions and enhanced systemization, integrating them into its operational framework. Furthermore, the company is committed to supporting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives at both organizational and individual levels. Mebs aims to maintain its position as a key industry player by focusing on delivering exceptional services to its existing and prospective local and international clientele, while adapting to the ever-evolving global business landscape.




  • Birthday: 22/01/1980

  • Place of birth: Fontenay-Sous-Bois, France

  • Children: 2 

  • Nationality: French

  • Languages: English & French

  • Hobbies: Sports (mainly Tennis & Golf) and cinema




  • Cities: Paris, London, Barcelona, and San Francisco

  • Places: Ile de la Cité, Paris, Mayfair in London...

  • Books: Tom Clancy and Molière

  • Restaurants: Georges Blanc (Vonas), Bernard Loiseau (Saulieu)

  • Music: Classic (Vivaldi), pop rock (Muse), and "French classic"

  • Artist: Leonard de Vinci

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