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Cliff Konsbruck (POST Telecom): Answering the Call of Transformation


"POST is committed to being a reliable provider of innovative services and solutions for the population and businesses," says Cliff Konsbruck, Director of POST Telecom and Deputy Managing Director of POST Luxembourg. He explains his vision of the telecom sector and its challenges, as well as the group's actions in response to them.

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What are the challenges facing the telecoms sector?

POST tries to anticipate technological evolutions in order to better satisfy its customers. Indeed, the company's portfolio, started in 1880 with the first telephone network in the Grand Duchy and has since then continued to develop and diversify. We now offer beyond high-performance connectivity a wide range of services such as Tier IV data centers, IT integration and development, as well as cloud solutions, cybersecurity and data intelligence. The digitisation of our economy is accelerating exponentially with a stable, redundant and secure high-performance telecom and IT infrastructure as the backbone. The challenge remains the same: To anticipate the connectivity and IT needs of citizens and businesses.


"POST ensures close contact with companies in order to align our network, cloud and IT services with their current and future needs" 

How does POST adapt to this context?

Our "Network of the Future" benefits from a continuous effort including the increase of the coverage of our fiber-optic network, complemented by the deployment of the capacity of our 4G and 5G mobile networks. Thus, this whole package allows us to meet the growing data traffic needs of private and business customers while also offering the possibility of developing new applications and services. In this way, POST fulfils its role as enabler for the digitalisation of the economy. In this context, POST, together with its partners, ensures close contact with companies in order to align our network, cloud and IT services with their current and future needs.


What has been POST's strategy in the face of recent events?

For the past 180 years, we have proven our strong capacity to adapt to economic, technological and societal changes. This was demonstrated during the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to the significant investments in the telecommunication network over the past years. In addition, the Luxembourg government has recognised our three areas of activity – postal, telecommunication and financial services - as essential to maintaining the vital interests of the population and the country. Our telecom infrastructure, for instance, was able to easily manage nationwide teleworking and the sharp rise in data traffic.

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