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Christine Theodorovics (Bâloise Luxembourg): Make Insurance Simple, Intuitive and Humane


 “We are keen to innovate further in order to offer solutions to those who share our concern for the environment and wish to contribute to an efficient economy and a caring society,” says Christine Theodorovics, CEO of Bâloise Luxembourg. He explains how to make insurance feel safe. 

“In general, we want to make insurance simply safe, and give our customers an outstanding experience”

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Can you describe your company in a few words? 

Active in Luxembourg since 1890, Bâloise Luxembourg has become firmly embedded in the country’s economic landscape and society. It is part of the Swiss Baloise Group, which is also present in Germany, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Bâloise Luxembourg meets the needs of its private and institutional customers for property and casualty insurance as well as pensions and savings. It also offers pension and investment services across borders in many European Union countries. Its ambition is to make insurance simple, intuitive and humane, by continuously improving its products, services, communications and processes. In short, Bâloise aims to become the first choice for everyone who simply wants to feel safe. 

How are the needs of your clients evolving? 

Customer needs are constantly evolving at all stages in their lives. Service improvements reset their expectations at new levels in insurance as in other areas. People are more connected today and want to access information faster. We therefore try to meet their evolving needs. For example, we offer them customer portals and numerous services including insurance products online. In general, we want to make insurance simply safe, and give our customers an outstanding experience. We are trying to reduce our ecological footprint, both through our future wooden headquarters and the digitization of our client procedures and communications. The dematerialization of our processes and the digitization of our client portals will enable us to work towards a radical reduction in our paper consumption. In this context, we have decided, from 2023 onwards, to stop sending tax certificates by post. They will simply be available on our portal and our mobile app, meaning that several tons of paper will no longer be consumed. Customers will get their certificates faster and more conveniently since most people nowadays fill in their tax returns online. These savings will enable us to further strengthen our partnership with natur&ëmwelt Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur, and more specifically their ecological networking initiative.  


What regulatory challenges is the insurance industry facing? 

The sector is facing significant regulatory challenges which require special and efficient solutions, rigorous processes and of course resources. For example, the Solvency II update has made the calculation of solvency requirements more complex. The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) is a further challenge applying to all sellers of insurance products, taxonomy, Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), not to mention the new barriers envisaged limiting the Freedom of Services (FoS) policies. 


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