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Bob Kneip







Founder & Chairman



KNEIP goes digital


Bob Kneip’s vision for KNEIP is to boost digital solutions that drive value and efficiency in the financial industry.


Early career


The entrepreneur started his career in Belgium, in Sodexo’s “Chèque-Repas” division. Recognising the potential of the luncheon voucher concept, he completed a postgraduate course in Management and set up Chèque-Repas Luxembourg S.A, which he managed from 1987 to 1990. He then developed this business in Germany and Austria, gained experience as a Managing Director with a leading production company of wooden garden sheds, before entering the communications world with IP Group. Drawing on the best aspects of his experience, he developed an ambitious business model combining finance, communication and industrialisation based on technology. 


Launch of KNEIP


KNEIP was born in 1993. From its humble beginnings, it had a clear mission, to use technology coupled with its team’s expertise to increase the efficiency of parts of the financial sector. Building on various development phases and innovations, the company carved out a place for itself in the FinTech sector, in the distribution of financial information. In 2007, it expanded through the investment of 3i Growth Capital, which provided support in making 3 acquisitions. Bob Kneip then repurchased all of his company’s shares in 2010. Over the years, KNEIP has had to reinvent itself on several occasions due to technical, legal or market changes. From regulatory evolution to evolving market demands, KNEIP has remained agile and reliable in providing the industry with better quality data, to more destinations, through more forms of reporting in a more cost efficient way.


Leaders and experts


KNEIP became the leader in data and reporting for the fund industry, supplying thousands of destinations, from digital platforms to regulators, newspapers, websites, data vendors and distributors. Investing heavily in technology, KNEIP recently migrated its new IT infrastructure to a tier IV datacentre. KNEIP underwent a renaissance by rebuilding its entire software suite from the ground up. KNEIP also invests heavily in knowledge, providing extensive industry and specialised training for their team members. Clients seek hands on assistance in terms of market practise, innovations and regulatory watch.


Digital Strategy


In January 2017, KNEIP expanded its digital transformation, creating an Accelerator within the organisation. The Accelerator’s objective is to promote the digital mindset aimed at drastically decreasing costs and complexity in the financial industry. Bob Kneip stepped down as CEO to become Chairman. He is directly responsible for the Accelerator. A world-class product team has been recruited along with a digital transformation team. KNEIP is ready for the rapid pace of change and wishes to make the financial industry more efficient and trustworthy.



Facts & Figures


  • Birthday: 23/04/1962

  • Place of birth: Boulogne Billancourt (France)

  • Nationality: Luxembourger

  • Children: 3

  • Languages: Luxembourgish, English, French, German

  • Hobbies: Golf, ski, running


My favourite


  • Cities: Paris, London

  • Restaurant: McDonalds

  • Place: Knokke

  • Books: Cartoons by Van Hamme

  • Music: Simple Minds, U2

  • Artist: contemporary Pop Art artists



Board member of the Luxembourg Red Cross

Member of the Comité de Gestion of the MUDAM

Board member of “Pour un sourire d’enfant” and “Foundatioun Kriibskrank Kanner”

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