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Arnaud LeballeurMore than a business club:

B17 creates new synergies in Luxembourg


In November 2022, the B19 LUXEMBOURG and the HOUSE 17 officially merged to form a single entity: the B17 LUXEMBOURG. This brand new business club combines work and meeting spaces with a vibrant community, conferences and sustainable dining.

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Merging decades of experience


The B17 Luxembourg business club is the brainchild of two successful entities — B19 Luxembourg and House17 — which decided to create a one-of-a-kind business club in the heart of Luxembourg’s old town. I’ll quickly give you the backstory. B19 Luxembourg was established in 2018 and is the franchise of the B19 Belgium Group, created in 2013. It has more than 1500 members spread between Brussels, Walloon Brabant and Flanders. House 17 has existed for slightly longer; it was founded in 2014 by four local Luxembourgish businessmen who chose a beautiful setting at 17 North Street to launch a casual-chic club for corporate and party events. House 17 had about 700 members by early 2022.


“We believe that curiosity creates a dynamic that opens new perspectives for individual and collective progress.”


Farm-to-fork dining and upscale networking


The B17 club currently has almost 500 members, who also get privileged access to Tero House17, which includes a restaurant, bar, rooftop terrace, meeting rooms and a large private lounge called "the sky room". We offer our members 20 conferences per year with a free drink, private parties and various festive events allowing them to develop their network. Members also benefit from additional advantages, such as ten free meeting rooms per year, priority booking at the restaurant, and a 10% discount at the bar and restaurant. Honoring the farm-to-fork principle, our chef’s menu is highly seasonal. What’s more, a large part of the products and ingredients are sourced from the Rabanisse farm, which is owned by the Group, guaranteeing top notch quality vegetables and meat (including Salers beef, Duroc pig, and Ardennes sheep).



A safe space for exchange


At B17, we believe that diversity is an asset. Our club is open to all, without discrimination, and we make a point out of offering a varied and diverse program. Authenticity is also key for us; our events take place in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is free to share their experiences in a respectful and tolerant manner. We also choose to integrate sustainability into our business model by partnering with Tero House17 and its “farm to fork” restaurant. Above all, we believe that curiosity creates a dynamic that opens new perspectives for individual and collective progress. This is at the heart of our philosophy.


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