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Anne Reuland (LuxTrust): Innovation in digital trust


LuxTrust is a household name in Luxembourg. Originally founded in 2005 at the initiative of the government and the main banks in Luxembourg, the company has developed internationally with offices in Paris, Monaco and Brussels. Anne Reuland, Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer at LuxTrust, gives a brief overview of the company’s development and current industry trends.

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Can you present LuxTrust in a few words?


We started providing digital identities in Luxembourg back in 2005. Since then, we have managed to create a unique digital ecosystem in Europe where citizens, businesses and public institutions use them on a daily basis. As the national digital identity provider, we now enable more than 95% of the adult retail population to access their web-banking apps or public service platforms or to confirm their financial transactions. While digital identity is at the core of our DNA, LuxTrust has developed in-house a wide range of digital trust solutions such as the creation and validation of electronic signatures and seals, qualified timestamping, and, more recently, electronic archiving. Our aim is to provide professionals and businesses with the right tools to digitise their processes securely and in compliance with current regulations.

“As a pioneer in digital identities, LuxTrust is driven by innovation and digital trust.”


What are the main trends influencing your activity?


Given our status of Certification Authority and Qualified Trust Services Provider and the nature of our services, we need to stay ahead in a number of areas such as regulatory compliance, IT technologies or security. Foreseeable changes in current regulations may mean we need to adapt our solutions, but they may also open up new avenues for development. For example, as all our services are qualified and eIDAS compliant, we are currently preparing for the future revision of the European regulation (eIDAS V2), which is likely to revolutionize the way we use digital identities. Recently, cyber-attacks have become more and more sophisticated. Trends in cyber-attacks and cyber-defense technologies are continuously monitored. We invest in our solutions so that they meet industry standards and ensure the security of our systems for our clients.


How are your customers' needs evolving?


Speaking of cyber-attacks, we have noticed that customers and end-users are becoming more informed and digitally savvy. In turn, they also demand more digital trust when using IT systems or applications. Their expectations of data protection and management are also getting higher, which can only lead to significant improvements in these areas. We have also observed that the way our business clients approach digitalization has changed. Whereas, they used to look for individual services that covered specific needs, they now tend to have a more holistic approach to address their entire processes. They are looking for complete solutions that cover a wide range of requirements and ultimately enable them to create end-to-end digital processes. Our added value is that our digital solutions cover the entire digital transformation chain, from user identification and authentication, to personal data management, electronic signature, secure document exchange and electronic archiving.


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