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Alex Schmitt




Etude BONN & SCHMITT - Luxembourg



Senior partner



The communicator


Partner of Bonn & Schmitt, Alex Schmitt’s career as a lawyer, spanning almost thirty years, has been exemplary in more than one sense.

An American experience


Born in 1953, Alex Schmitt grew up in a little village in the south of Luxembourg dominated by the steel industry, a time from which he has “marvellous memories”. Boarding school and high school in Echternach, then law at Liege and Brussels, he followed a classic path before joining a Brussels law practice in 1979. It was there that he met Jean-Pierre De Bandt, founder of the practice and his first boss: “his exceptional human and professional qualities made a deep impression on me”, recalls Alex Schmitt. However, two years later, he decided to set off for the United States, to combine a course of study – a masters in Law at Harvard – with working life as a lawyer in a New York practice. In addition to experiencing a new culture, his two-year stay in America helped him to gain the discipline and excellence he needed to join, on his return to Luxembourg in 1982, the practice that now bears his name.

Discipline and excellence

Alex Schmitt currently combines several activities. A lawyer specialising in banking, finance, corporate and investment, he provides the benefit of his expertise to clients all over the world, thanks to his skills in English, French, German and Italian. However, Alex Schmitt is also a lecturer at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, a member of several expert committees with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier in Luxembourg, and sits on the boards of around half a dozen financial establishments in the Grand Duchy.

An art fan

Despite a busy career and the many responsibilities he holds alongside his work, he still has time for art, one of his passions, as demonstrated by the many contemporary works that adorn the walls of the Bonn & Schmitt Avocats practice.

Hardly surprising for someone who freely admits that if he had not been a lawyer, he would have liked to have been an advertising designer.

Facts & Figures


  • Birthday: 24/03/1953

  • Place of birth: Luxembourg

  • Nationality: Luxembourger

  • Children: 2

  • Languages: French, English, German, Italian

  • Hobbies: History, art, outdoor activities


My favourite


  • Cities: Paris, Milan, New York, Buenos Aires

  • Restaurant: Mosconi

  • Place: Oesling (Luxembourg)

  • Book: Le grand Condé (Bernard Pujo)

  • Music: Mozart, Haendel

  • Artist: Lucian Freud

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