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Victor Buck Services

The future rests on four pillars


With one foot in Luxembourg, the other in Asia, and La Poste as one of its shareholders, Victor Buck Services is pursuing its development strategy.

Pillar 1: Customer Communication Management


Since it was founded, Victor Buck Services’ main activity has been serving the Financial Industry in the realm of investment funds, as well as major groups unrelated to the financial world. This activity is closely linked to the constant need to protect customers’ sensitive data, and to enrich it to provide distributors and end users with the necessary reports. 

This reporting can happen through a widespread range of media and output, including printed documents, emailing, and faxing, secured web enabled document repositories and web services. 

The firm has therefore developed great flexibility while bearing in mind the requirement to comply with stringent regulatory obligations. 

Pillar 2: Information Capturing Services


Victor Buck Services offers experience in the document imaging and data capture arena. We propose clever imaging & data capture solutions. You can outsource your scanning and indexing of critical records to Victor Buck Services. In order to rise to the new challenges of cost reduction, performance and the environment, paperless systems and data retention solutions are now vital for SMEs. As part of the VEEN solution, VBS offers answers to eliminate manual processing of paper documents by companies in various sectors.

Pillar 3: Enterprise Content Management coupled with Regulatory Reporting


Our ECM solutions combine the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. We can manage the complete lifecycle of content, birth to death, including a legal archiving platform.

The implementation of an ECM solution provides customers the opportunity to improve their archiving practices, reduce their operating costs, improve customer services and meet all legal and regulatory requirements.


Pillar 4: Print/Mail Room Management


With over 10 years of experience in managing print & mail production centers, Victor Buck Services evaluate your document requirements, and provide on-site know-how to facilitate your design and production requirements.

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