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Timothé Fuchs: Going the extra mile


Timothé Fuchs's high-octane energy puts him firmly in pole position in the fast-moving world of finance. But the CEO of Fuchs Asset Management S. A. opens up about a slower, complementary side to his personality which, after all is said and done, contributes to his career success.

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Unstoppable momentum


The first thing that stands out when you meet Timothé Fuchs is his palpable dynamic energy. Here is an ambitious, driven, somewhat restless entrepreneur who says his main quality is his ability to “move forward”. From his astronomical ascent in the asset management industry, to his passion for motor sport, Timothé appears to be living up to his own motto: “Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable”.



Countless hours      


Raising young children is one of the patience-testing endeavors, but Timothé claims that his favorite activity is spending time with his wife and his two boys, Paul and Bastien. Timothé remains true to himself while doing both. In fact, when questioned about his other career path, had he not chosen finance, his response is that he would have liked to be an airline pilot. This is a job that requires long hours of patience, interspersed by fleeting periods of tremendous pressure and focus, like his work in his company. What are we to make of this charismatic man who lists Le crabe marteau in Brest, which can only be defined as the opposite of fast food, as one of his favorite restaurants After all, extracting the juiciest parts of flesh from a crustacean requires a saintly degree of patience that would even put the Biblical figure of Job to the test.        



Collective growth        


Throughout his career, Timothé’s unstoppable drive and vision led him to set up his own Luxembourg-regulated management company/AIFM and dive deeper into the world of ManCo/AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Management). “I want to keep on building on the same winning trends”, he says. “At the same time,” he says, in a way that contradicts his drive for individualistic entrepreneurship, “it is important not to forget that we are all human beings and that we can only grow together”. This philosophy also reverberates into his vision of the future, as Timothé continues to explore his personal ambitions within the constraints of family life and with utmost concern for “the common interests of our clients, partners and employees”.



  • Birthday: 13/04/1984            

  • Place of birth: Luxembourg

  • Nationality: Luxembourgish + French

  • Children: 2

  • Languages: FR+EN 

  • Hobbies: Swimming, Nature, Motorsport, Music



  • Cities: New-York, London, Paris, Geneva

  • Restaurants: Ma Langue Sourit, Le Crabe Marteau (Brest), Belcanto (Lisbonne), Le Relais de L’entrecôte

  • Places: Grand Canyon, Everglades National Park, Circuit Spa Francorchamps

  • Music: Coldplay, Avicii, Costantino Carrara, Lang Lang


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