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Prince Guillaume: The Hereditary Grand Duke


A water sports enthusiast, music lover, pianist and guitarist, Prince Guillaume has shown a passion for several activities while serving in his role as Hereditary Grand Duke.

Grand duc Héritier.jpeg



A marked interest in politics and economics 


After obtaining his French Baccalaureat from the Beausoleil Alpine college in Switzerland in 2001, Prince Guillaume trained as an officer at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in Britain to carry the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Prince Guillaume went on to study international politics in the UK and France, where he earned a degree with honours in Literature and Political Science. During his spare time, Prince Guillaume enjoys reading autobiographies, treaties or historical novels in relation to politics, economics and philosophy.



Official duties and humanitarian work

Prince Guillaume is committed to promoting the industry and the financial centre of the Grand Duchy and undertakes economic missions around the world: Russia, USA, Middle East, China, Sweden, Turkey, Japan and South Korea. He regularly attends the plenary sessions of the State Council and is particularly interested in the social economy and microfinance. Committed to the poor, he has participated in a military camp in Nepal and a charitable mission in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Since 2011, Prince Guillaume is Honorary President of the Kräibierg Foundation.


The Royal Wedding


The wedding of Prince Guillaume and Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy was held on 20 October 2012 at the Cathédrale Notre–Dame in Luxembourg. Their marriage was attended, among others, by foreign monarchs from several countries. The wedding took place in an atmosphere of national celebration with fire-works, and concerts while a locomotive travelled through Clause adorned with giant wedding bands and portraits of the couple. Late into the night, the people of Luxembourg were treated to a wonderful romantic evening and the rest of the world still remembers their big day with fan pages on the internet, newspaper articles and videos of the ceremony creating a buzz on the web.

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