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Olivier Renault




Societe Generale Securities Services



Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Country Manager



Development and transformation


Olivier Renault had a fulfilling multicultural education. After studying data science, his professional choices have brought him variety and pleasure. Two strong drivers for this enthusiastic SGSS Luxembourg Country Manager.

The excitement for discovery


His innate curiosity has always steered his professional career. Olivier started off at the Stanford Research Institute in the banking strategy before becoming Economic Studies and Management Control Director within a large services company. He joined Societe Generale Group in 1999 in corporate functions before heading in Paris the depositary bank activities. Olivier moved to Italy, where he served as Deputy CEO of SGSS Milan for 4 years. One of his tasks was to anchor this new subsidiary into the Societe Generale Group. He is now delighted by his role in Luxembourg, an international financial center, where he appreciates the exciting business environment in a rural setting.

The Cartesian logic with the innovative touch



The current Country Manager of Societe Generale Securities Services loves to make figures talk, this is only natural given his training as a data scientist. But while figures make it possible to take reasoned decisions, he believes that combining innovation with the human factor remain the driving force behind any transformation. His finest moment? Having succeeded in pushing SGSS Luxembourg to make the shift to Fintech environment with a strong commitment of the bank in Blockchain technology, big data and innovation. Defining quantified objectives and achieving these objectives by transforming organisations are just some of the things that make Olivier Renault tick.



Energy and pragmatism


His enthusiasm and energy make him extremely results-focused. He also thrives on modeling, identifying opportunities and setting up strategies. In the course of his career, he has been required to carry out an in-depth innovation of the departments that he has headed. He is well aware that the paths can be difficult, but the taste for success makes the arduous journey worthwhile. In Luxembourg, he works with the teams to supply a quality service to Societe Generale customers.  Several major projects have been successfully completed over the last 7 years, and for this strong-willed character, many more development opportunities lie ahead.


Facts & Figures


  • Birthday: 18/12/1963

  • Place of birth: Eaubonne 

  • Nationality: French

  • Children: 3

  • Languages: French, English, Italian

  • Hobbies: Roller, cycling, travelling


My favourite


  • Cities: Nice, London, Milan, Paris

  • Restaurants: Japanese, French and Italian cuisine

  • Places: The Mosel, Promenade des anglais, Lac d’Orta

  • Book: L’étranger (Camus)

  • Music: Classical music, Jazz, electro, arabian

  • Artwork: L’ours blanc de François Pompon
    (Musée d’Orsay)

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