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Jeffrey Dentzer (BIL) : "everything we do must ultimately benefit our clients"



Can you present yourself in a few words? (Life, career, values...)

My journey with BIL began over 20 years ago in 2022 when I joined as a product manager. This was my first job after studying economics and management in Luxembourg, Strasbourg, and Surrey. Throughout the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various clients – individuals, entrepreneurs – and collaborate with many teams and inspiring colleagues. Early in my career, I aimed to engage with clients directly because that’s where you learn the most. I’ve held roles as Relationship manager for corporate clients – SMEs, institutions, large companies – both at BIL and for a few years at Spuerkeess. As I gained more experience, I gradually took on management responsibilities. I returned to BIL in 2011, led the Corporate and


Institutional Banking division and joined the Executive Committee in 2019. As of May 1, 2024, I have the honor of heading the Bank. The past few years have been challenging due to the pandemic and international conflicts, impacting the economy, our clients, and our bank. As a man of action, I believe that a banker is not just there for the good times. During tough periods, we roll up our sleeves and find solutions. This is how we prove our value to our clients. I approach my new role with humility and ambition because when our clients thrive, so does the entire economy and community.


What are your priorities as the new CEO of the BIL Group?

My top priority is our clients. BIL is at a pivotal moment in its development. We have undertaken a massive transformation project that revamped our infrastructure and work processes. Now that we have a robust IT foundation, our focus must be on our clients, offering them outstanding products and services. The second priority is to define our strategic plan for the coming years. One of the most important missions of the management team is to provide a clear vision for the Bank’s growth. We need to consider how we will serve our clients, differentiate ourselves from competitors, and decide on the products and services we will offer. We must identify the necessary skills and adapt to evolving regulatory, geopolitical, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) environments to ensure the sustainability of our business model. Our strategy will guide the Bank’s future direction. Given the complex operating environment we face, collaborative leadership is vital. With the other members of the Executive Committee, our third priority will be to implement this strategic plan. We will mobilize all our teams to bring our projects and initiatives to life, always keeping in mind that everything we do must ultimately benefit our clients.

How are your clients’ needs evolving and do you adapt to them?

We adapt to evolving client needs by prioritizing seamless experiences and digital innovation. Customers expect fast, frictionless interactions. We focus on continuously enhancing our online banking platform, BILnet, for daily banking services. Improving the user experience is key. Alongside our online services, our relationship managers are dedicated to supporting our clients, whether individuals or businesses, in bringing their projects to life. Purchasing a home, financing their children’s education, investing in a portfolio or in a new production line, these key moments will receive our full attention. To achieve this, we have implemented a new CRM system, elevating our services levels. Additionally, we are transforming our internal processes. Though clients may not see this aspect, it significantly impacts how quickly we respond to their requests. Our processes are being updated to increase efficiency, leveraging the latest technologies such as AI to enhance speed.


What are the challenges and opportunities that a bank like BIL identifies today?

Luxembourg is an ideal hub for both local and European entrepreneurs. Decision-makers are ac- cessible, and the environment is business friendly. Our ambition is to be a reliable partner for these clients, sharing this entrepreneurial mindset. In today’s fast-paced world, constant adaptation is essential. Whether it’s regulatory changes, geopolitical shifts, market trends, or technological advancements, we must remain agile. Thanks to our new Core Banking System, we have gained in agility, allowing us to introduce new solutions quickly and seize new opportunities. Leveraging technologies like AI allows us to automate administrative and repetitive tasks, focusing more on high-value activities and client engagement. Another critical challenge we face is climate change. As a major player in Luxembourg’s finance industry, BIL is committed to building a sustainable and balanced economy. Many companies, and the economy in general, are transitioning to more sustainable business practices. As a financial intermediary, we are committed to supporting both individual clients and businesses in this crucial transition.

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