Jean-Marie Bettinger



SGG Luxembourg



Managing Director


The demands of excellence


An interview with Jean-Marie Bettinger, managing director of SGG Luxembourg, who explains his vision and strategy for the years to come.


Why did you decide to join SGG?


First of all, I’d like to make clear that I wouldn’t have left my last role for any other company. There are two reasons for my decision: firstly, Serge Krancenblum, the CEO of the group, for whom I have the utmost respect and secondly, the company itself along with its expansion plans which I find particularly interesting. The dynamic atmosphere at SGG is exceptional. SGG has a strong entrepreneurial culture combined with the strong support of its principal shareholder Astorg Partners, which provides financial, technical and personal help. I like to work with business people who are as passionate about their jobs as I am. To be able to serve an international and sophisticated clientele, we need to have a full toolbox at our disposal and to bring together our varied areas of expertise in different fields, including the structuring of PE/RE type investments, for example. The task I have set myself for SGG Luxembourg is to continue to strengthen our position as a leading adviser and service provider for our clients and professional partners. Working with the support of the Group Management Board, made up of experts including Serge, Christiaan van Houtven, COO of the group and Tim Newbegin, CFO of the group, will obviously make my task easier.


What are the goals for SGG Luxembourg and SGG Group?


To be a key player in the Corporate & Fund Administration Services sector in Luxembourg and abroad. On a more specific note, we are focusing on the excellence of our services provided to all our clients. Our business no longer falls within a high-volume industry but rather within an industry with a stronger added value for our clients. We would like to be able to enable our clients to concentrate solely on their core business as entrepreneurs, developers, investors and heads of big companies and to help them to fully manage the inherent legislative and regulatory systems to structure their transactions, their assets and their investments.


How do you think that you will achieve these aims?


We are going to continue to invest in our main asset: human resources. This will include boosting the on-going training programme for our teams because relevant standards and new structuring tools never stop changing. We will also focus on attracting international, experienced executives who will be capable of creating bespoke solutions in a proactive, flexible and precise way! What’s more, we will continue to strengthen our toolbox, having now created our own third party ManCo within the group (SGG Fund Management SA) and our depositary (SGG Depositary Services SA) for alternative funds investing in illiquid asset classes. We would like to grow stronger – particularly within the Family Office and to re-define the framework in which we offer Corporate Administrator services for non-regulated investment vehicles. Lastly, new technology will help us to optimise our business and to grow our productivity even more. We often work with a new generation of younger business people who have created new business models based on new technologies and which are also for consumers.


Facts & Figures


  • Birthday: 14/03/1973

  • Place of birth: Saint-Avold

  • Nationality: French

  • Children: 4 daughters

  • Languages: French, English, German

  • Hobbies: My family


My favourite


  • Cities: Luxembourg, Londres, Zurich

  • Restaurants: Saint Walfrid (Sarreguemines), Restaurant Roma (Sarrebruck), Le Sud et le Ikki (Luxembourg)

  • Places: MUDAM, The Dolder Grand (Zurich)

  • Music: Coldplay, Passenger, Ed Sheeran, Diana Krall

  • Artists: Basquiat, Street Art

  • Fictional character: Iron Man