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Freddy Brausch



Linklaters LLP (Luxembourg)



Managing Partner




A passionate professional, enthusiastic sportsman and occasional jazz musician, Freddy Brausch demonstrates an unflagging interest in diversity.


The human adventure


While he is aware of having been in the right place at the right time, Freddy Brausch had the insight to seize this unique opportunity to establish himself as a major actor in the development of the Luxembourg financial market and investment fund sector. Looking back on this collective and industrial adventure, he recalls many meetings that have enabled him to blossom, from a professional, cultural and personal point of view. The majority of his clients are American or Japanese, German, British, Scandinavian and, nowadays, also Chinese. They come to Freddy Brausch from multiple horizons, which is what he values most.


Two mergers and more


In 1980, a meeting with his first mentor, Jean-Pierre De Bandt, proved decisive. Freddy joined him in Brussels with then De Bandt, van Hecke, Lagae & Van Bael. In 1985, he returned to his native Luxembourg to join Loesch & Wolter where, in Jean-Claude Wolter, he met a second mentor and, in Jacques Loesch, a man of rare finesse and great wisdom. In his firm, Freddy has been actively involved in the merger which resulted in the creation of De Bandt, van Hecke, Lagae & Loesch in 1999, followed by the merger in 2002 that gave rise to Linklaters Loesch (now Linklaters LLP). Together with his partners he made it possible for the younger generations to access a truly international and global dimension while preserving independence (in fact and in spirit) and local roots. At industry level, from ALFI’s early days to date Freddy has offered (quite) some of his time contributing enthusiastically under successive and various chairmanships. The collegiality and care of all for the common good – one of the secrets of Luxembourg’s successes – is what Freddy appreciates above all. What nowadays, is called, “Luxembourg’s ecosystem”, is key to Luxembourg’s continued success. It needs to be preserved and the care for the common good passed on to the next generation of industry leaders to which Freddy is absolutely determined to contribute his fair share. 




He was one of those children who would attempt to carry a wheelbarrow rather than to push it forward using the wheel, to the consternation of his parents. The fears were unjustified notably in view of his later sporting achievements, winning the French basketball championship with the University of Aix-Marseille. On the musical front, one of his passions, he admires Miles Davis for his musical genius and Charlie Parker for his technique on the saxophone. He admires Nelson Mandela for his tenacity and determination and for his capacity – he wouldn’t be able of – to forgive. Add to a passion for sports and for jazz, his admiration for the Marx brothers’ style and humour and you get a good picture of the multi-cultural Freddy Brausch. He admits easily that without the support of his strong mother and equally caring wife, he would probably not have gone all that way. In the long term, Freddy can see himself travelling the world and improving his technique on the saxophone.


Facts & Figures


  • Birthday: 20/02/1955

  • Place of birth: Luxembourg

  • Nationality: Luxembourger

  • Languages: English, French, German, Luxembourgish

  • Hobbies: Saxophone, jazz, golf, sailing, swimming, diving


My favourite


  • Cities: Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong

  • Restaurants: Il Riccio, La Villa Madie (Cassis, France)

  • Places: Greek Islands, Mediterranean, Japan

  • Books: Le petit prince (Saint-Exupéry), Les cavaliers (Kessel), Au nom de tous les miens (Martin Gray)

  • Music: Charlie Parker, Miles Davis

  • Artist: Pierre Alecinsky, Basquiat, Tomokazu, Matsuyama

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